Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family Scripture Study or Enduring to the decide!

I'd like to give you a glimpse of our scripture study . It happens either at 6:30 am or in the evening right before bedtime around 6:45-7:00. Today, we were was 8:21 when we started because of Wednesday Night Activities at the church.
So this is how we start every night. Ken uses his best 'Fight Announcer Voice' and says--really LOUD-- TONIGHT ON SCRIPTURES!! Then he reads the heading of the chapter we will be reading. Tonight it was Alma 8.

While Ken was reading the first 10 verses, Nicole was taking her hair out and teasing the dog. Matthew was on the floor body surfing on his ripstick. (He lost his ripstick tonight)

Randomly, when Ken read the word 'Ammonihah' everyone felt the need to say it with him in an authorative voice. When the word Satan was read, Matthew took it upon himself to follow with the sound effect du du dun. (doom and gloom from cartoons)

After Ken reads, next it's Matthew's turn. In Verse 15 he misread and said, 'lift up thy tiny head and rejoice.' I don't know where he thought he saw tiny, but it crackced Ken and I up. We kept it hidden, but it was not a good thing. The next verse he misread again, 'I am sent to command three (instead of thee) that thou return to Ammonihah (more authorative voices).

After verse 16, it was time to review. Ken asked, 'so what have we read about so far?' Nicole responded by asking, 'Can I go to bed?' More sighs followed by Ken and I and Matthew said, 'du du dun.

We pressed forward with the review, next it was Nicole's turn to read. As she read, Matthew was all over the floor, and had surrounded himself with his favorite toys (which are not even allowed out of his room.) She was 2 verses into her reading and we asked Matthew where she was...what word was next. He said a word (which was wrong) and Nicole said, 'I don't even know where I am. I'm starting over.' More sighs from Ken and I.

She had 1 more verse to read and Ken asked the kids a question. Nicole felt interupted and said, 'I'm not done reading..I have one more verse.' Ken repeated the question and then Matthew asked, 'when are we getting the dog's balls cut off?'
Time for family prayers. We will try again tomorrow. **sigh**

This picture is LIVE. I had my phone and shot it really quick while Nicole was reading. **more sighs**

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  1. All I can do is laugh. Sometimes these commandments are much harder to obey then at other times. Wat to endure!!