Thursday, February 19, 2009

Self-fulfilling Prophesy

I believe in Self-fulfilling Prophecy.

A few examples are...

I said I could go to school, do very little work, and graduate...I DID!! (Only by LARGE miracles and by bribing my teachers)
We got a cat in October and named him Speedbump. He was hit by a car and died on 12-26-08.
I've woken up many mornings and said, it's going to be a bad day...IT WAS!

I guess you get the drift.

This morning when I was checking my Facebook, I wasn't in the mood to be out of bed and I didn't really want to go to work. But, I decided right then, when I was writing my status, that it was going to be a good day.

I walked into Nicole's room and this is what I saw...(why do they need full-size beds again?) lol

I woke Matthew up and he yelled that he never gets to sleep in. It actually made me laugh...we were running late. He slept in until 7:15.

At work the kids were naughty, but today it seemed funny.

The best part of the day was tonight, when I was unpacking the laptop--Ken took it to work. I set up the computer and then went to check the pockets before putting the case away and I found my FAVORITE necklace and earrings set that has been lost for more than 5 weeks. I thought I left it at my Moms, and then I told Heather I thought she found and kept them. I knew she didn't, but the thought helped me to think at least they were being worn!

ANYWAY, I guess my point is...we decide how we are going to feel and what kind of day we will have. I'm grateful that my day went the way it did.

Don't worry about Speedbump, we didn't really like him. We still have Baylee and Zoey, the amazing whiney cats...both outside mousers.


  1. lol, speedbump. never heard that one before. poor little guy. at least you picked a name that was relatively quick and painless. (we hope)
    The power of a positive attitude is a great thing too. If I wake up in a bad mood and think the day is going to be crappy, it ALWAYS is.

    I'm glad you found me on facebook!

  2. You know President Lincoln had a quote "People will only be as happy or sad as they want/will it to be". Fits right in with your self-fulfilling prophesy. Can't ever imagine you feeling down and out, but I guess even the BEST of us, can have a bad day here and there! Hang in there and I start up the tickle machine for late sleepers. I know they now consider that child abuse, but we had some fun.