Friday, February 13, 2009

This and That from This Week

A Couple Quotes from my kiddos...

Matthew: Mom, earlier when I was cleaning my room sort of ..... (I had to have him repeat this part again to make sure I heard him correctly, not quite sure what he had to say after that. I'm still working on not interupting. (I'm not doing very well.))


Nicole: Matthew, do you like that cookie I saved for you?
Matthew: yes, thanks for saving me one.
Nicole: You're welcome. I took a bite out of it and didn't like it.


I am teaching the Relief Society Lesson this Sunday. It is about missionary work. It is AWESOME!! I want to urge all of you that attend Relief Society/Priesthood to read lesson #28 before Sunday. We can talk about/discuss after church.


My camara has been shipped. It'll be here in a couple more days. YEAH!!


Finally, here is a sad sight that I came across earlier in the week...a cruel trick if you ask me.

Have a good weekend! Happy Valentines Day! I hope it's everything you want it to be.


  1. that would be my absolute WORST nightmare. do not mess with my oreos. i have to put post it's on my special food in our house if i want it not eaten by the human garbage disposal, aka, husband.