Sunday, February 22, 2009

Writing in a Journal

I am not consistant with MANY things in my life. I do good reading my scriptures for a while, then I take a month off. I remember to pray morning at night and then all the sudden I realize it's been a couple of days since I kneeled down for a formal prayer. My list could go on, but I'm not really in the mood to tell you all the things I'm bad at. I like having friends! I will say that right now my journal entried leave alot to be desired. That being said, I have decided that I am going to record 5 things everyday that I'm thankful. For some time now, I have been blessed with a thankful heart. Don't get me wrong, I can always give you one good gripe if you want one, but in the grand sceme of things, I think I have it pretty easy and I'm thankful that I can see that! So enough of this explanation....

5 things I am grateful for...from Today.

1. Celtic Thunder. I LOVE this group and all their music. There isn't a song on the 2 disk set that doesn't stir emotions. I've listened to it most of the day. If you want a copy of it, I'd love to share. Just let me know.

2.Large hot water heaters. This morning all 4 of us showered. Typically the kids take showers/baths at night so all 4 of us don't have to in the morning. This morning when it was my turn I thought back to when I was growing up in a family of 10. I would get up as early as I could on Sundays and take a bath, sometimes--most times filling up the tub up as high as I could without flooding the bathroom. I never thought of everyone else until someone was jumping in last minute and didn't have enough hot water...if I remember right, that would have been my Mom. Now that almost everyone has moved out of their house, they have a bigger water heater. lol

3.Personal Revelation. Several times today thoughts have come to my mind--answers to my prayers. I'm thankful that each time a pen and paper was close by so I could right those thoughts down. I'm thankful for my life today and so excited for my future!

4.The game Boom-o. I've played it alot today with my kids. Never heard of it? You need to own it. It is probably sold never to Phase 10 and Uno.

5. Ken. Every Sunday Ken is gone most of the day. (This is not the part I'm thankful for.) It's 9:30 and he still hasn't been home from Church. He is the EQ Pres, and he goes and visits people all day on Sundays. Sometimes he goes with one of his counselors, sometimes a member of the Stake Presidency or a High Councilman. But he always goes. I'm thankful to him for magnifying his calling because it blesses our family so much.


  1. I count my blogging as my journal writing, every couple weeks I just print what I have written then tape it in to my journal. I would be writing about the same thing.

  2. heh heh. same here. I gave up on the journal thing a while back. I would always write, 'wow, you will never guess what happened today,,, but i dont have time to write, so tomorrow...

    then like 2 years later,

    "So, i havent written in a while, here's what happened. oh crap, the phone is ringing. tomorrow it is..."

    ... you get the idea.

    Thats why i LOVE blogging.