Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lehi's Dream

I'm not big on the Gospel according to Dedra, or anyone else. I hope that the things that I want to share with you make sense and seem correct. I wrote these thoughts down a short time ago and tonight I felt like I should share them here.


In 1 Nephi 8:5, you read of a man in white robe. That man is Jesus Christ. Then over in verse 11 of the same chapter, it talks of the fruit--which is the Love of God. The fruit is white--a whiteness that exceeds any thing Nephi has ever seen. I think that is awesome because who loves us more than Jesus Christ? No one! The love of God in the dream is whiter/brighter/stronger than any other. White is also pure. Christ's love for each of us is whiter/brighter/stronger and more pure than any other love.

Another thought I had about Lehi's Dream is found in chapter 12 of 1 Nephi. I was reading about the thunderings and quakings. I noticed that where ever the destruction was, the mist of darkness followed. That mist is Satan. Then is vs. 17 & 18 we read again about the Mist of Darkness and the Great and Spacious Building, which is the pride of the world.

That is when my thought came to me. I realized that all things that came from God are 'natural'. The Rod of Iron is not going to break during a natural disaster. The Tree of Life along with the Fruit have to be nurtered. If I don't do my part--read the scriptures, be kind, keep the commandments, magnify my callings, etc, the fruit won't be there for me to partake of.

I found it interesting that the temptation of the devil is a mist, because a mist can clear away. It WILL clear away! When Christ comes, that mist WILL clear away. Also, mist can move away quickly (casting satan out). Have you ever been driving through fog and all of the sudden you can see clearly? It's like going from a bad situation to a better one.

Lastly, the Great and Spacious Building is also man-made. When the earth has it's earthquakes, that building will fall! Just like when Christ comes and we all bow down before him, our pride is going to fall away.

I know the things that I have read and studied are true! I can feel the Holy Ghost testify to me again right now that the scriptures are true and they exist for our day and to help us (YOU AND ME!) through any troubles we may have.

I just felt like I needed to share that with you. I know many of my friends aren't members of my faith. If you ever had any questions, please feel free to ask me! You can also look at our church website on line.


  1. you have done such a good job to capture something from every day this last week. good for you!!

    I enjoyed your talk today, reminicent of your blog entry!

    So I hope your new camera will arrive and you'll have fun trying it out.

  2. Thanks, Dedra! This gave me some good things to think about. I have to say that I laughed hysterically at your entry about scripture reading with the kids. Last night Brady said that we really have to put the baby to bed before we read. He keeps doing really cute and funny things and everybody (me and Brady included) want to look at him and laugh. Last night he got 3 standing ovations for walking. Which made it hard to get into the spirit of Nephi explaining Isaiah!