Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Day Previously Called TOMORROW.

1. I LOVE MY CROCKPOT! I really enjoy coming home from work/church or where ever, knowing that dinner is done. Such was the case tonight. I made swiss chicken. Here is the recipe...

6 Chicken Breasts/Thighs
12 Slices of Swiss Cheese
1 Small Can Cream of Mushroom Soup
1/4 C Milk
1 Box Stovetop--you pick the flavor, I use Chicken
1 Stick of Butter

Spray your crock pot with cooking spray. Place the chicken into the crockpot. Top with slices of swiss cheese. Mix together the soup and milk, pour over chicken and cheese. Pour stuffing mix over the top of the soup/ DO NOT MAKE THE STUFFING...POUR IT ON DRY. Melt stick of butter, and pour over the stuffing. Cook on High for 4-6 hours, Low for 6-8.

I was worried that the stuffing was going to be crunchy, but the condensation from the crockpot moistened the stuffing, AND even my kids like this dish.

Let me know if you try it and if your family liked it.

2. I LOVE LOVE Musicals. Right now in music we are watching the movie Annie. It's the old one that came out with I was a little girl, staring Carol Burnett. Other favorites include:
The Music Man (I prefer the version with Matthew Broderick and Kristen Chenoweth)
The Sound of Music
Mamma Mia--broadway version is better than the movie, but I LOVE the movie!!
Phantom of the Opera...ditto from Mamma Mia
I could keep going, but these are probably my top 6 including Annie.

I saw the Lion King in October. I love the disney movie, I didn't actually love the show.

If you want to know what any of them are about, I suggest wikipedia. Also, as a side note, permanent red marker DOES come out of blonde hair.

3. My kids have been in bed since 7:05. Do I need to explain more?

4, I've started taking a Creative Writing Class through BYU Independant Study. It is super exciting and fun. I love being a student!!

5. Lately I've come into contact with a couple of my cousins from my Dad's side of the family. One of them I met once when I was 5 and she was a baby. The other one--her little sister, I've never actually met. I fell blessed to get to know family.

I also have 'One Good Gripe'

Our family is boring right now! Nothing is going on that is even remotely blogworthy, let alone worth taking a picture. It stinks!! My goal this weekend is to find a place that we can go and get some good pictures. Stay tuned. ps, 15 more days until SpRiNg BrEaK!!


  1. Recipe sounds great.I can't wait to try it. I love my crock pot too. Our spring break isn't until April. So enjoy yours.

  2. I was wondering if that sharpie came out!
    also, I will be trying that recipe tomorrow. I just need some cheese. Thanks for posting it. I am always up for a new crock pot recipe.