Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Sorry for all my typos! I reread each post, post it, then ALWAYS end up editing it again. Later I still find mistakes. Thanks for putting up with it!

YESTERDAY...(Happy 6th Birthday Mark! I hope you had a good day! I love you!)

1. The Relief Society Book Club. Okay, I attend the RS Book Club once a month. However, I don't always read the book. I really go for the social aspect. (is this so surprising to you?) Last night and the one that was last month was held in the same home. The sister that hosts is a widow and lives alone. She is such an inspiration to me. For the last 2 months, after the club has officially ended, my friend Liz and I stay and visit with this sister. We talk about church topics, our goals/plans, projects we are working on, etc. Each time I talk to her, both at church and at the book club, I feel like I've had a therapy session. Last night was no different. She is so encouraging and positive. I LOVE the time I get to spend with her.

2. Program Practices. The first and second graders had their program last night. It was about zoo animals. Watching them put it together over the last 2 months has been a little bit more than stressful. I've enjoyed it more than the music teacher though, because my job was to keep my 4 severely ADHD kids in line while she taught all the little kiddos songs that they never did actually learn very well. Like all programs though, those kids pulled it all together for their parents and it turned out really cute. Watching the dress rehearsal at the HS Auditorium yesterday afternoon made me think of the Sunday before each Primary Program. Luckily the kids pulled it all together then too.

3. Complainers at the movies. Yesterday Ken and I went to see the movie, 'New in Town'. It was kind of cute, kind of dumb humor, but I'm a fan of Harry Connick Jr, so I LOVED it! There were these old women in line to see another movie and one woman was complaining about everything. I was so excited to be on a date with my husband, without the kids, I didn't care that our small town theater didn't open until 3 minutes after our movie was supposed to start. At one point she actually told the poor girl getting our soda and popcorn, 'things like this never happen to me!' We'd been chatting a little bit back and forth, and when she said that I told her, 'don't think of it has happening to you, this is something that you get to experience!' She ended up complaining so much about how big her soda and popcorn was that I offered to carry it to her seat for her. I thought the girl behind the counter was going to cry. The lady accepted my offer then got quiet. When I got to the theater that our movie was in, I was thankful that we weren't in a hurry and I didn't feel like a victim because our movie started 10 minutes late.

4. Kids in my bed. I like it when I go to bed and one of the kids is keeping Ken's spot warm. I like to watch them sleep and to talk to them when they're sleeping. It cracks me up because sometimes they answer and it doesn't make any sense. I guess, they give me one more smile right before I go to sleep. There is no better way to end the day.

5. Mason Jars. We drink our water out of mason jars ALOT. At one point that is all we had. I got rid of a bunch of them when I bought glasses, but the jars just keep showing up. I love to drink a while jar of water right before bed. I think I like it so much because it feels like I'm breaking some rule. lol


Today I was helping a new boy in our class with his number recognition. We were working on numbers 2 and 3. I would show him an index card with the #3 written on it, and ask him what it was. Then I'd show him #2 and ask him what it was. We would go back and forth with these 2 numbers, and it went on for about 3 minutes. He never got it right one time. My first thing today that I'm thankful for is that my kids have the ability to remember things and they are right on track for their grade levels. This little boy will be 10 in 3 weeks.

2. Red Sharpee Markers. A 2nd grade girl colored her beautiful blonde hair with a red marker today. ALL OF IT! She watch Annie in music and liked the color red. I'll let you know tomorrow if it came out.

3. When I was a senior in HS I got a job at Fred Meyer (A Grocery Store) in the deli. I worked there until I got pregnant with Nicole. While I was working there, a guy named Brian was hired. HE WAS CRAZY!! One time he was working the salad case and a lady came up and asked for a sample of potato salad. Brian took the big salad spoon used to scoop large amounts of salad into containers and attempted to put a Tbsp of potato salad into one of those little sample cups--they look kind of like a sacrament cup. When he handed the lady her messy sample, she took her small spoon and scooped out a taste. Part of it fell off the spoon and landed on the glass. Brian was watching her and when the food dropped on the case, he scoweled at her and said, 'You're a Star!' It was not in a nice voice. Then he took his dirty rag and instead of wiping up the mess on the glass case, he smeared it everywhere.

I remembered that story tonight. It made me laugh.

4. Jewelry. I don't really have a reason. I just LOVE it! I wore my favorite necklace and earrings today and it made me happy.

5. A few of you will remember my post about our family scripture study a few weeks back. Click here if you need a refresher. Matthew asked a random question that was completly off subject and we ended our study that night. The answer to Matthew's questions is.. TODAY! Poor Animal. Today He got a haircut and was robbed of his manhood too.


It's too bad I don't know already or I'd prepay a journal entry.

Have a good night! Thank for reading.

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  1. Dedra, your journal goal is totally inspiring.

    Your blog is always so great! I find myself touched by your comments one minute (The sweet Relief Society sister) then laughing hard enough to make my stomach hurt the next (Fred Meyer guy). It's a great balance. That's the kind of thing that makes blog fun and interesting to read.