Thursday, February 24, 2011

All the leftover pictures on my cell phone

NOTICE:I have deleted the following blogs: cheneychatterless, project 365, and my brother's mission blog that ended a very long time ago. That leaves this blog, my personal progress blog, the front door to this blog and a super secret blog that only one other person is invited to - still up and live. Apparently blogger thinks I've used up too much space on pictures. If you are following me on those other blogs, just know they are no longer.

Here are the random pictures from my phone. I'm pretty sure you don't really care about these, but I liked them enough I took pictures of them and since this is my blog and do what I want to, I'm posting them here.

Nicole made pancakes. She didn't measure the mix and she didn't turn the griddle on. 
Anna likes to sit on her dresser and read books.
Garden gnomes at ShopKo after Nicole and I watched Gnomeo and Juliet
The lady with purple hair was like 50 years old.
This car is a transformer. The sticker says so. It's a decepticon. The gas lid says so.
Quesidillas at Red Robin...Yum!
A giant tube of meat.
Toast Stars
Matthew wearing giant underwear over his pants: he likes to tuck all his pj legs into his underwear for a 'special' effect.
Random stalker photo showing it's face on my main blog page. If you haven't noticed, My friend Amy has a shrine on this blog. You should check it out. (She totally approves and encourages my behavior. That's why I heart her.)
Nicole doing homework with a giant pencil, sitting on a giant ball.
Spinach Artichoke and Bacon Pizza. YUM!

Okay, that is all. Thanks for watching.


  1. I look like a freak in that picture. But I guess I'm in good company.... ;)

    PS That pizza looks amazing!

  2. you should make a little cushion for Anna's desk. once Pennsylvania stops holding your sewing machine hostage, that is.

    el heh heh