Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011

Today I...

  • Made a new library bag. Once again I have copied my friend and done almost exactly what she did. She's flattered, I'm sure.  haha Below are pics of the bag with Mr. Compliant Model. He's helpful.

 2 of the yoyos I added. I officially heart yoyos. The bag is lined in red. The color is a lot better in real life.

  •  Made 1 of these quilt blocks. I am not making anymore. They take WAY TOO LONG. It's a 10 inch square.

  •  Made this crazy quilt top. It's a Twin size right now. I just need to add some more strips to make it queen sized. Probably tomorrow.


  •  Fed the missionaries cookies while they watched videos on
  • Ate pancakes for dinner. and nachos for lunch.
  • Read 2 chapters in Jacob.
That's about it. The sewing took up a lot of my time. When I'm done with these projects, we'll have 5 new blankets and some other fun things too.



  1. LOVE the library bag and quilt too! I'm going to copy you guys too. How did you make the flowers? And the quilt? how did you make that pattern?

    yay for pancakes and nachos!! ;)

  2. oh and I like your model :) he looks thrilled!

  3. I love the library bag too! Maybe I could find time to make one for each of my kids so I don't have to haul all their books for them.

  4. Dedra!! I love that bag!! You are so stinkin' talented!!

    Gotta love the model! That is awesome!