Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just in case you were wondering...Tuesday Edition

  • I love bullets. (this kind of bullet, and the ones you put in guns too.)
  • I judge books by their cover and movies too.
  • If I clean my both my  bathrooms and make in bed, I feel that I've done enough for the day. (That doesn't mean I get to stop for the day, but sometimes-I do.)
  • I made cookies this morning before I fed my kids breakfast.
  • The sun is in my eyes right now.
  • I've received 14 text messages this morning and sent nearly as many.
  • I'm so excited for my friend Kate to come visit me. I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve. She'll be here in March for SIX days!  
  • I've recently read the book Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. It was really cute. Nicole and I are going to watch the movie this afternoon when she gets home from band.
  • To those of you who read Nicole's blog, you may have noticed she like to blog - a lot - about not wanting to go to school, wishing she could stay home from school, etc. I have 2 responses.
  1. She is her mother's daughter. I too asked everyday to stay home from school.
  2. I am not my Mom. I tell her no. Mom told me yes.  :)
  • I like yogurt and toast for breakfast. It's delicious.
  • Happy February! Tomorrow is Groundhog day. Do you have any plans? We're having our friends from Vancouver over for a slumber party. It's going to be AWESOME!

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  1. that is so funny that you say that... I feel like a giddy little boy on halloween eve waiting for all the candy that I am going to get.

    great minds think alike. :)