Friday, February 25, 2011

One Year Ago Today...

Ken was offered a job in Lacey, Washington. As soon as I found out I tried to call my mom. She was convinced that we would be moving to Port Angeles. It didn't matter what I told her, she couldn't remember it. She lacked the oxygen...literally.

I tried to call her at 11 am CST and she was asleep still.
I tried to call her at 3:30 pm CST and she was asleep again.
I tried calling again at 5:30 CAT and she was resting.

I spoke to my Dad on the way home from his commute and our call was interrupted 3 times from Kyle. Mom was giving him a difficult time. I told him I was going to try to call her since she was finally awake and he said not to because she wasn't feeling well. 

Dad got home from work and had to call an ambulance to get my mom to the hospital. She was refusing to wear her oxygen. He called me and asked me to call Kyle and help him calm down. (Kyle was nervous)

I called him and then called Gina and told her to call him. I was no good at calming Kyle down. 

Dad called me about an hour after that, for what I assumed was a progress report. Instead of saying, She's stable and going to sleep at the hospital tonight he said, 'I don't think your Mother is going to make it through the night.' I did not compute what he was saying. It didn't make any sense. Then his cell phone cut out.  About  20 minutes later I got a call from 'Brother Bob,' a man from church I've known since I was 12 years old. He called to give me more information about Mom. Even after he gave me the information a second time I didn't believe it. All I could think about was my Grandma Price. About 4 years before she passed away she developed a blood clot and almost died. I remember my Mom telling us Grandma only had a 10% chance of living.  Then she lived.  

As my Dad and Brother Bob explained what they felt was the end of Mom's life, I knew she'd be fine in the morning...just like her mom was.

She wasn't fine. She died that night.

Ken got home from his Washington trip and the airport about 45 minutes after she died, we loaded up the car and drove to straight back, picking Gina up on the way...One year ago today.


  1. It's hard to loose a parent. I'm sure she's just as proud of you now as she was when she was alive!

  2. QUITE a year it's been, hasn't it, Dedra-quite a period before, too....I don't think any of us EVER wanna believe that kind of news-even AFTER it's happened let alone before. Our parents are SUPPOSE to be ok! Anything else is unfathomable.
    Ya look back at this year...and you CAN feel her sooo near tho, can't you---just knowing she's had a hand in some very special times....
    Yep---"best Mom" INDEED!....Love you-Sherry

  3. Dedra!

    I am so sorry about your Mom. After reading this, I realized it IS the same day my sister died in 2005. Cancer :(

    This day is always and will always be hard for me. I'll be thinking of you as well from now on and sending a big (((HUG))) your way.