Sunday, February 20, 2011

Room Make Over (WITH PICTURES!)

Monday I went to JoAnn Fabric and bought...fabric!I bought what is pictured below plus a bolt of natural muslin, bringing the total purchase to 31 yards of fabric that beautiful morning. I decided to use the top and the bottom of this pile for the girls' room. 
 Anna's first block.
 All of Anna's blocks sans border
 Nicole's blanket top sans border
 Before pictures of the girls' room.

 no, I didn't clean before I took the pictures.

 Nicole moved into the front room.
  This is a picture with paint on one wall. It's the wall without the window. You can see a small difference. That's the trouble with using a cellphone to document things.
 Green wall.
 I couldn't finish the edging until the next morning because both colors had to dry.
 finished walls.
 building the bunk bed.

 tape for stripes
 A few stripes. (We are going to add some more. We ran out of frog tape.)
 Another trip to JoAnn for batting. It was on sale for president's day. Sale ends 2-21.
  I asked my friend, Kate, how much batting I should buy and she told me to get a buttload. 
 a proverbial buttload of batting. 8 packages.
 The back of Anna's quilt.
 The back of Nicole's quilt...already 'quilted.'
 I burned out the motor of my sewing machine. It's dead. I had to finish the project on Nicole's. I've ordered a new machine and all will be right in the world again sometime between 2-28 and 3-3.
 Anna with her blanket. (She also got a haircut this week.)
 The beds made. I'm making pillow cases tomorrow.
 A view of the girls' room after everything is put back together again.

 The girls love it and I'm really happy with out it all turned out!!

I'm not one to share how much I spend on things. I don't want to brag and most people don't care. BUT, with all the fabric I bought (Remember 30+ yards?), the new bunk bed, a new mattress and paint, this project was less than $450 dollars. I'm pretty happy with that.

*can I use this as a young women value experience or project? Any ideas?? Would it count even though I didn't think of it until after it was done?  good works maybe? I don't really know.


  1. Looks awesome! What a useful talent sewing is! I wish I had it.

    I noticed Anna's haircut at church today, it is so cute and totally fits her.

    And yes, totally counts as a value project.

  2. SOOOO NICE, DEDRA!!! A LOT OF WORK D-O-N-E sooo quickly AND beautifully. Sure sorry 'bout your machine. Glad you were able to order another.
    I bet the girls "ARE" happy:-) I liked Anna's haircut too-amazing how much she looks like and IS one of our family!:-)
    So happy Cole has more of her "space" back and Anna will have "hers", too. Cole is sooo good with her:-) Hugs to you all---Sherry

  3. Yay! I love seeing room make over pictures. I can't wait to see it in person in less than a month. El heh heh

  4. Okay this is so beautiful! I love GREEN and YOU are amazing :)