Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good Mail.

I received an awesome box of 'good mail' on Thursday afternoon from across the country in Pennsylvania. My friend Kate is trying to de-junk her house and she was so kind to think of me and send some of it my way. Here are some pictures of my new loot.

A new to me stamp set. I coveted this set for a long time when I used to sell Stampin' Up! but there was always something else I wanted a little bit more.
 A rice bag. Love it! So does Nicole.
 SEVEN Moda Charm Packs. Look up 'Civil War Homefront' and 'Hushabye' so you can see the whole set. The colors and prints are great. My phone camera is no great.
 a whole bunch of other junk too. It was super exciting and I love it all.
 This little pin somehow made it's way in the box too. hmph! I guess that payback for sending her a bracelet that says she supports the rabid.
This little chicken is my most favorite thing that was in the box, even though I really do love everything I got. It's an Amish Pincushion. 
Here it is full of pins.
LASTLY, this didn't come in the mail on Thursday but arrived a day later from the local florist. Flowers from Kate on a day that might have been really difficult. She made it better. I love these flowers. A lot. When the flowers die, I'm going to clean the little square vase and fill it with peanut m&ms.
Thanks Kate! You're an awesome friend. I love you!


  1. I like how you think! Flowers die, candy stays on our hips forever.

  2. The chicken cracks me up! Is it more fun to poke a little chicken than a tomato?

  3. i am glad your blog is private - my MIL gave me those stampin up sets... heh heh.... glad you could use them. I completely forgot about that obama button. I have a whole stash of Obama stuff from the election (one of the dr.s who works for us volunteers for the local democratic election comittee and got me a bunch of stuff - for history's sake, of course.) :)

  4. wow! that is awesome... I love the, I feel way behind, but what the heck are Moda Charm Packs?

    gorgeous flowers :) hope you had a good day

    M&M's are divine.