Friday, February 4, 2011

My latest time waster...

Okay, so have I mentioned I love to sew? I could seriously ignore my whole family and just sew. All. Day. Long. In fact, I pretty much did that yesterday.

My friend, Kate showed me this quilt she found while leap blogging.

This is the one Kate made.

Here is mine. Step by step.
I used 1 inch strips. Kate used 1 1/2 inch strips. She is smarter.
I love it! I love all of them.

 ignore my messing room. I cleaned it up. After I ignored my family the whole day.

It's going to be a queen size quilt when it's done. That won't be for a little while because I'm still trying to decide what I want the back to look like.


  1. love it! I didnt take pics while i was doing it, and should have. I like the pic of all the strips hanging on the line.

  2. So do you just hack apart a sheet and put strips of cool fabric in it?