Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun things I may or may not have done today.

  • talked on the phone for about 2 hours to a good friend...collectively. not in one block of time.
  • made pancakes for two different meals.
  • took Matthew to the Orthodontist.
  • practiced the organ at the church
  • started reading two different books
  • walked a 5k route - it took a long time.
  • researched cameras online. We need one STAT! (I don't like the word 'stat', it is lame. That's why I use it.  heh)
  • went on a date with Ken.
  • read about cockroaches at the NY zoo.  Apparently you can name a 4 inch hissing cockroach after your loved one for Valentines Day at a minimal charge of 10 dollars. According to the article, 'Nothing says forever like a cockroach.'  If I had an ex, I would for out 10 dollars for this occasion. If Ken names one after me, I expect airline tickets to NYC to see the nasty little creatures, a fancy dinner and tickets to a Broadway show. He decline.
I think that's about all. I'm kind of in a blogging funk right now. I think if I get a new camera my love of blogging would return 10 fold. 

This is all. Have a great night...or day - depending on when you read this.

1 comment:

  1. I have to look up that cocroach thing - I may just start naming random people that bother me - heh heh.

    "Josie, the Roach." it has a ring to it. right?