Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dear Lacey 2nd. I'm sorry.

Today I messed up royally on the closing hymn in sacrament meeting. hymn #77.

I botched the intro so badly the chorister looked at me and laughed before we started singing. (I couldn't find the last part of the bracketed intro, so I held one note too long, them messed up the timing.)

During the actual song, first verse, I had a hard time keeping time. I actually laughed right out loud it was so bad, and if it wasn't for an awesome soprano singing really loud I wouldn't have been able to keep it going at all. It was that bad.

When it was over the Bishop even told the chorister it wasn't that great. His exact words, 'We kind of messed that one up Frank, didn't we?' I was still laughing.

It was glorious. If glorious means 'worst organ playing ever.'

I'm still not fired.


  1. is it ok that I am laughing at this? I shouldnt be, because I know how hard it is to play the organ (i took a few lessons then promptly quit. because if I cant be the best, I quit. lame, eh?)

    but I am giggling all the same. :)

  2. You'll never be fired! That awesome soprano was Bethany. And if we didn't occasionally mess up the ward wouldn't appreciate it when we did it right.