Saturday, January 8, 2011

Facts That I Wish Weren't Facts

  1. We have 5 bottles of mayonnaise in our fridge right now. (2 are open)
  2. I have a cook in training who needed 2 T of butter...4 times. This means instead of being short 1 stick of butter I have a pound of butter on the counter, still in their wrappers, each cube missing 2 T.  :| 
  3. There was a slimy dish rag in my sink.  Same helpful cook/dishwasher from last night.
  4. We have teeth marks in our cheese.
  5. 'Someone' wrote their name in dust on the entertainment center. (They get sneaky in their old age.)
  6. I have to start my 5k training over. Apparently waiting 6 weeks between runs makes it impossible for me to run my 3 minutes without dying.  I'll get there again and this time we hopefully won't leave town for a week and then get the flu.
  7. My sewing mess may never be put away. (I'm actually okay with this one.)
I think that is all.

1 comment:

  1. I put the teeth marks in your cheese... I think. I love cheese!