Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Post about birthday celebrations or something

Last night we spent the evening in Poulsbo at my sister's house, celebrating my Dad's birthday. I got a call yesterday morning-an invitation to dinner. I said no. I got another call and was reminded it was my Dad's birthday. I actually knew it was Dad's birthday, I just didn't put 2 and 2 together. (4). Ken got off work an hour early so we actually got to Wendi and Larry's by 6. (1.5 hour drive each way-which is why I said no.) Here is how my side of the family celebrates birthdays.

We don't.

Anna asked yesterday if Grandpa was going to get presents. I said no. She asked if we were going to sing Happy Birthday. I said if we remember. She asked if there was going to be cake. I said I don't know, but assured her of good food for dinner.  Last minute I loaded the cake I made on Sunday night that was waiting to be consumed after Family Home Evening-and a container of cool whip because I was out of frosting.

We ate a delicious dinner, visited for a while and then ate cake. We didn't sing Happy Birthday. We didn't call the cake and ice cream-birthday cake and ice cream. It never even crossed my mind.  When we were getting our coats on to leave, I felt something in my pocket and remember that I actually did have a gift for me Dad. (Best. Daughter. Ever.) I walked over to him, told him I had a gift for him. He was surprised. (Not the 'I'm so excited I can't believe it kind of surprised. More like, Really? Are you serious?) I handed him a ketchup packet I'd had in my pocket since the 15th.

Adam threw it at me in Safeway in Cle Elum when we were all there shopping for our Ensign Ranch groceries. I told him to get me some ketchup. First thing he did when I saw him was he started throwing ketchup packets at me. I saved one for a rainy day-or emergency birthday gift. Dad was at Cle Elum with us so he knew the story. He told me said ketchup packet could become the next Love Dust. What is Love Dust you ask? Stay tuned. I have a really good story for you.

Final Thought: Birthday to me are like Anniversaries. (Not just because they are celebrated 1 day a year-geniuses!) Ken and I don't celebrate our Anniversary. Most years we aren't even in the same state when it shows it face. And you know what? That's okay. We love each other everyday. We don't need one special day to remember that. Birthday's are the same. I love my Dad everyday. As well as each of my family members. Do we really need to set apart a special day each year to tell them? nah. But I sure love spending an evening with extended family! I really missed that when we lived far away. I've seen my brothers, sisters and Dad more in the last 9 months that I did in the last 5 years combined.

All that being said, I want you all to know we don't neglect our kids on their birthdays. They get gifts, a cake and their favorite meal. But, I am not consistent on the awesomeness. I just don't have the spirit of the birthday instilled in me. I think they are a little bit over rated. BUT, you should still feel obligated to give me gifts. All the time. 10-24-11 is right around the corner. My sweet 34. Shop now. Shop often. Come to my slumber party.


  1. my problem is I just don't remember our anniversary. Or birthdays. Unless it is mine. or the kid's. Hers is St. pattys day. She gets a parade and a bunch of drunken people for her birthday every year.

  2. I totally would come to your slumber party. You should have one.