Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Memory Wednesday

2nd grade. The year of

  • skipping school - Ryan decided to skip school on day but came home before I left. Enter nosy little sister. I told him I wanted to stay home too. He said I couldn't because I wasn't sick. But I was in fact uncomfortable. I had felt like I needed to sneeze. All morning.  He finally gave in and let me stay home with him. We had a really fun time except that he makes a crummy lunch and we had to hide in the coat closet for an hour in case mom and dad came home for lunch.
  • wearing make up - I was home alone for 20 minutes each morning after everyone left for the day and before I left.  One day I decided to try out my mom's makeup. I did so by applying blush to my whole face. I was pretty.  My teacher called me out to the hallway to ask why I was wearing makeup and I told her I wasn't. She went and got a tissue and wiped it across my face and showed me the makeup. I still denied it. While I was waiting for her to go get the kleenex I wanted to run out of the room and straight home but I knew I'd get in bigger trouble for doing that.  I can't believe she never called my parents.
  • moving for the first time 
  • moving for the second time
  • getting baptized
  • picking all my own clothes (after mom went to work) - I had twenty minutes after everyone left to ditch the clothes my mom picked for me and put on something cool.  I looked terrible everyday, I'm sure of it now. That's probably why my teacher never called home. They probably thought mom and dad were drunks or something. (sorry mom and dad)
  • 'Strip' throat
  • jumping on the bed
  • Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows - Heather and I listened to this song on a record all. day. long. We loved it. A lot. I still do.
  • Gina was born
  • G.I. Joe in the morning, She-ra in the afternoon
  • Garen burned his bum on the wooden stove (big blisters and lots of aloe vera leaves)
  • Mrs. Bobo was my teacher after we moved. Worst. Teacher. Ever. Even in 2nd grade I knew she was a witch. Don't let the freaky clown name fool you. I remember her telling our class that she and her husband had made the conscious decision not to have children because they didn't want them. Even in 2nd grade, at 8 years old I knew there was something wrong with that. Because I lost my filter early in life, I raised my hand and asked her, and I quote, 'Why the heck are you teaching school if you don't want kids?' My name was written on the board and I  missed recess. boo.
Good times.


  1. Dedra, you crack me up!! I remember cutting my hair when I was 12 (like 8 inches shorter) and denying it! ha ha ha

    You know I think I lost my filter a long time ago as well.

    And I think it's obvious that Mrs. Bobo would be awful with a freaky clown name... clowns are scary.

  2. LOVE Memory Monday OR Wednesday!! She-ra! G.I. Joe..."and knowing is half the battle!" Don't know how many hundreds of times we heard that in our home too.

    Those are some good times. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dedra, you make me laugh. I love it!!!!!!!