Wednesday, January 19, 2011

free give away, duct tape, a pencil ninja and a YouTube video

My friend, Amy is having a free contest on her blog. I am posting this so you'll read her blog and with me well in winning the contest.  Don't try to enter.  Or do. She'll be reading this and probably disqualify me but oh well. (Amy, don't disqualify me.)

Here are some scriptures cases that were made at our family reunion.  All our of duct tape. That's right. We're that awesome.

Here is a photo of me showing off some more of my amazing skills.  It's was 1 in the morning. Don't judge


  1. I won't disqualify you. I always say the same thing.

    You should totally do a YW activity for the girls and show them how to make duct tape scripture cases. The girls would love it. Or activity day girls. Or relief society activity. Or maybe just me.

  2. That video was hilarious! As for the give away, I will hop on over there to see what she is giving and put in a good word for you. :) or not.

  3. YAY for duct tape... I'll go see Amy's blog ASAP

    love the video! gotta try those jokes on my hubby... the cow one is my fave!