Sunday, January 30, 2011

Post with pictures!

So they aren't the best quality pictures, from my cell phone, but they're pictures!

I painted my nails on January 1, all them pink except for my thumb. I made this little baby. I had it on my thumb during church and felt kind of embarrassed, so I removed it later. But for a minute,  I thought it was cook. Even though I do not heart cross bones and skulls.

I made this shirt for Nicole. Over the years I've tried this pattern 4 or 5 times and I was happy it finally turned out. She's pretty happy to be modeling it for you today.

 We had an awesome sunset the other night when I was on my way home from taking Gina to the airport. The sky was bright pink off in the horizon.

 Ken is the ward mission leader. Every Friday the Elders come over for about an hour and watch videos on Matthew was sitting the midst of them this last Friday so I took some pictures. I like seeing him with the elders.

 I ate sushi the other day. I took a picture for my friend, Kate who hates sushi. Kharma hit me early. The next morning I was sick and felt crummy all that day. I don't think I'll be eating sushi for a long time, if ever.

 We had refreshments after the adult session of Stake Conference on Saturday. 4 seminary tables clear full of pie. It was a beautiful site.
 This is my kitchen. It has the best sewing/crafting counter ever. It's more than 3 feet wide and 8 feet ling. I LOVE IT!

Matthew doing a crossword puzzle with a big pencil.


  1. awesome!! :)

    I love sushi, but it can be risky...

    I want your counter!

  2. love the nail.
    love the shirt.
    Hate the sushi - gag.
    I have counter envy.

    and giant pencil envy too.