Friday, January 21, 2011

today. January 20, 2011 edition

Today I have

  • worked on my bedroom. (It's the worst room in the whole house.)
  • done 2 loads of laundry so far.
  • Applied for 2 jobs and read descriptions for many more.
  • checked my email.
  • read every blog I could find
  • been on facebook
  • rewrote my sister's time sheet I fill out for her every pay period. (The person who wrote it doesn't know excel very well.)
  • ate soup for breakfast.
  • brushed my teeth
  • talked on the phone for over an hour--collectively
  • sent and received 17 text messages
Today I have not:
  • vacuumed
  • unloaded the dishwasher
  • folded my mountain of clean laundry
  • read my scriptures, except for one verse written on my friend's blog.  All of you should read Lacy's blog. I love it. You will too. You'll love it A LOT if you like cats.  Kate likes cats. Read her blog too.
  • played tetris on my phone
  • gotten out of my pajamas


  1. Wow, Dedra, I feel special! ha ha ha... it's weird to see your name on someone's blog, huh? well, thanks. I know I need to do better for sure.

    It's 1pm and I just got dressed... I'm glad you brushed your teeth. I did too (5 minutes ago)
    I feel so lazy today....

    I didn't have soup for breakfast, but that sounds tasty...

    oh and I only took pictures of the cleanest parts of my kitchen, really.

  2. oh and YAY for tetris... it is so addicting!

  3. my floor is now lickable thanks to Mr. Steam Shark. Thought you would like to know even though I already told you via text message, but a blog comment makes it permanent. :)