Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 things about this or that

When we got home from Wichita today around 1, I was sicker than a dog. I attribute that to all the caffiene I partook of yesterday, lack of sleep (due to said caffiene) and taking a new alergy med. I had so much fun with Ashley and I'm really glad to be home too. I have decided to re-sware off caffiene. Before January, I had had less than 2 liters of soda with caffiene in the last 14 YEARS. The small amount I had drank was in August, when I was the lone driver between Bremerton, WA and Larned,KS. I have been given a small reminder as to why I quit drinking it in the first place.

Nicole was so sweet tonight. She asked me what was for dinner and I got up to look in the dreezer for something easy. As I was digging around in there, she told me not to worry about dinner, she'd take care of it. She made Macaroni and Cheese with Hotdogs and opened a can of green beans. I was never more thankful for Mac & Cheese and Hotdogs in my life! What a good girl she is. She makes my heart smile.

Matthew was also really great tonight. He went and found the dog when he ran away. (naughty dog!) He also came in and got ready for bed with out any argument. When it was time for bed, he didn't try to stay up 5 more minutes, watch TV, or anything else that is typical for bedtimes at our house. He just went straight to bed. Matthew also makes me heart smile.

Ken left for Utah tonight. He's driving there, flying back. Super long story. He'll be home late Saturday/early Sunday. He is a better son than I am daughter. Before he left, he asked me if I was feeling better. I told him no, and he said, 'you don't look like you're feeling better.' Such kind words! I miss him already.

We saw this picture on the way home from Wichita today. I liked it and snapped a shot of it while we were speeding down the road.

I have one more reason why Wichita is not a city. Wichita is not a city because there were no cars coming towards us when we were driving the wrong way on a one-way road. (Ashley was driving this time)

Lastly, Ihave proof that I am addicted to 'tagging' on Facebook/Blogging. I was at Ken's office the other day and I saw something hand written on a sheet of paper. Of all the letters and words there, all I saw was the word 'tag'. I picked up the paer to read about the tag, and it was actually part of the word 'heritage'

I need help!

I got some good videos tonight when my friend, Jessica came over tonight. I'll get them posted this weekend. Have a good night! Heavenly Father loves you! I'll see you tomorrow.

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