Sunday, March 15, 2009

what to name this post...

I don't actually believe in the statement "Better late than never". I'm more of an "I'd rather be 30 minutes early, than 5 minutes late" kind of girl. So I guess being a no-show to my blog each night is not even being a better late than never kind of girl.

But since I haven't been 30 minutes early, or here every night this week, here are a few highlights. AND, I think I figured out my issues with uploading and blogging, that have b een hindering me this week, so I can start updating again.

On Saturday (actually a week ago Saturday) my kids helped me with the typical get the work done day chores.

See this vaccuum? Both of my kids ran into it when they were taking things down the hall to their bedrooms. I didn’t put it in the hall, for the pic, this is where it was. I don’t know if perscriptions need strengthened on the glasses or if they need to wear padded clothing, but both Nicole and Matthew stubbed their toes on it while doing chores. It ended only because I used it, the PUT IT AWAY…a novel concept I know.

Around lunch time Matthew asked me if he could make lunch. I never tell anyone no, if they ask to prepare a meal, so of course I said yes. He decided he was going to cut up some potatoes and fry them as french fries. He didn’t tell me that part. I walked into the kitchen to check on him and this is what I came across.He couldn’t find an extention cord, so he hooked up the fry daddy to a strand of christmas lights and then plugged that into the wall. After I explained to him that we never use an extention cord with the fry daddy, (christmas lights or other…)I showed his the plug in we use.

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