Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Fun

I have a sister who used to live on a busy street. Often times at night she would see people get pulled over by police in front of her house. Lucky for her, she had a front row seat to the action from her bedroom window. She would just open her window, and sit there watching and drinking a diet coke. She told me that one night a police was pulling over a car and just as she opened her window to watch, the cop told his offender to drive up another block then pull over. LOL A night late night show if you ask me.

About the same time I lived on a busy street also. The corner of 8th N and 50 W in Orem, longer a home, but just a wider busy street now. Anyway, because of the way the lights were positioned and because it's a fun steet to speed on, we got to see alot of rear-end collisions. Like my sister, we would just get the lawn chairs set up and watch the action from our front yard. Although the cops never showed us that they were annoyed with us, I would not be surprised if the analysis of our 2 1/2 year old son bugged them at times.

Today my kids carried on our long lasting tradition. A truck got pulled over just east of our house, on our street. Later the kids came and told me he was being arrested. I heard from a reliable source--our kids who heard from the neighbor kids who's mom is dating the guy--he got arrested because he was driving with out a license, not because he had beer in the truck--which he did. Here are some pictures of the action. Of course I documented it!!

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  1. That is awesome, I remember when I was a kid the house across the street from us caught on fire. The fire trucks came and put it out, and after all the excitement the cops hung out until the owner came home and then arrested him. Turned out the fire started when his dog chewed through the cord of the grow lamp heating his secret closet garden of "medicinal herbs". Mmmm, memories. LOL