Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random Thoughts...probably not very much substance.

I was sitting down to type this blog and my eye felt funny. I blinked a couple of times and my contact FELL OUT OF MY EYE!! Never had that happen before. (this post was started 3 days ago, it's in firm right now)

Something I never thought I'd have to say..

*How come you painted your nails clear to your first knuckle?

Is there really no such thing as a dumb question?? !!!

*Can I pretend Animal is a snowball and throw him into the snow?

Next, here are a few more pictures from the snow. Apparantly we got 16 inches of snow during the last 36 hours, according to a reliable source. (Jess who said the National Weather Service. (Both of them are reliable)) I measured snow drifts in our yard between 30 inches and 5 1/2 feet. It is now melting rapidly.

For my last bit of information...Look what I can do!

I have built all of our bookshelves, fixed the vacuum and changed out a toilet seat. In cars I have added most major fluids and replaced the windshield wipers. None of these things listed are amazing or difficult, but I didn't know that until I did it myself. I am actually embarrased that I didn't know how to change my flat tire the other night. BUT I will learn. Anyway, for my latest 'nonamazing' nor 'difficult' act, I replaced the weather strip on our front door. You can see from the picture below that it obviously needed replaced badly. I didn't know there was a 'part' available to fix this problem until my Dad gave me an inservice yesterday. When we hung up, I went to town, picked up the supplies, pried off the old one with my handy dandy pampered chef spatula (Who needs a chisel or a screwdriver!) and then replaced it with a lovely white one.

I also fixed the draft on the french doors leading outside from the kitchen. I'm going to redo it though. I didn't understand exactly what to do and it looks pretty 3rd class right now. I'll post some pics when I redo it, after it warms up a little more. The make-shift job I did is working fine for now.

Lastly (I know I said the door was last, but while I was typing it, I got a new piece of info to share) Lastly and definately LEAST...our cat, Baylee, is pregnant. UG!


  1. Growing up, I lived in a barn that was converted into a house. (when people asked if i was raised in a barn, I can actually say YES, but I digress...) Anyways, we had a huge storm one march and the drifts went about 4 feet so we couldnt even open our front door. We had to go out the basement way. The dog got lost in some of the tunnels we had dug. only for a little while though.

    I love seeing dogs run and play in the snow. Animal looks like she was having a great time! I envy that snow you have now.

  2. Kate, (and everyone else too)

    Animal was burrowing through the drifts this morning. At one point I looked out there and he had made himself a little cave looking thing and was laying in the snow. I'll find the picture..(of course I took one!)

    We did lose our cats for a few hours. They are outside cats so I'm sad to say I didn't even think of them until yesterday afternoon. They found a nice hollow tree to stay in though.

    Also, check on my friends blog...under Kansas, Ben and Liz. There is a picture on theirs where they opened the front door and the drift went up to their 3 year old's waist. Fun stuff!

  3. I like your reliable source! Ha! I had so much fun today out in the snow, I have more movies to post later... so I like the door fixes..did you paint it yet? Oh and Animal is a spaz....oh and how did Baylee get preggers already?