Sunday, March 1, 2009

Questions you have to think about and questions you never thought about

So my cousin (Vanessa) was tired of all the tags that ask you your favorite things, about your first baby, and so on. She has taken it upon herself to write a new list of questions. Some that take more though, some that I've never really thought about (zombies). I decided to post it here, so here goes.

1. You are sitting at the computer. Then the zombies attack. What is your plan of action? Pretend like I don't see them, hurry and finish my blog, and then maybe by then they'll have move on. Sometimes it takes me a while to get one of these posts written!

2.What is your favorite scar? How did you get it? Both my knee caps are really scarred up. When I was in 3rd grade, we lived at the top of a hill. My brothers, Garen & Adam, and I would ride down the hill in the back on Tonka Trucks--the dumptrucks. One time, I lost control, (imagine that, in a little yellow dump truck not meant for PEOPLE) fell out and continued to slide down the road. I was pretty pleased with myself. I showed my kneecaps for show and tell that week.

3.What is your deepest fear? Being eaten by man-eating garter snakes, getting my fingers caught in the hand mixer beaters, and losing all my teeth.

4. Have you done anything illegal? (aside from under age drinking, unless you can give us a great story about it) I'm a trespasser. Breaking and Entering into construction sites that aren't completed. They aren't finished, so I'm not breaking anything in order to enter.

5.Tell us about your birthmark. It's a light blotch on the back of my neck. My sister Heather has one too. I think Gina may also. I just tried taking a picture of it, but it's too light.

6.During your childhood, what did you do that your mother would have killed you for had she found out? My deepest fear is actually being killed by my Mother, so I'm not gonna tell you!

7.What is your favorite sense?( Sight, smell, ect...)Sight. I'm thankful that I can see the seasons progress, my children grow, gross faces Matthew likes to pull, and funny ones that Nicole shows me. I could go on and on, but I'm thankful I can see.

8.What do other people do that drives you insane? Talk loud or sing in the grocery store, pass me on the interstate then slow down to 5 miles slower than I was going, and chew and or talk with their mouths full of food.

9.What was your most embarassing moment? I'll save this for another post, it's long and involved.

10. What was the coolest thing that you have ever created? (or planned to create) Nicole, Matthew, and Robert Cheney are pretty much amazing! I also build some pretty awesome blankets.

11. When you were a kid, what did you just not understand until you were older? I couldn't figure out how my Aunt Shirla fit into the family. I knew she was older than my Mom, and I knew my Mom was the oldest. It turned out that Shirla is my Grandma's sister. Who knew? I figured that out when I was 11, at my Grandma's Funeral.

12.If you could take a trip anywhere where would you be headed? Why? NYC. I've never been there, and I want to see broadway shows, the statue of liberty, I want to go to the Manhatten Temple, Central Park, and I want to do photo shoots at all the places that are seen in my favorite movies.

13. What is your current addiction? Facebook and Blogging

14.What do you think everyone should experience at least once? I don't think there is one specific thing that EVERYONE should do. I think everyone should try something new each year and document it.

15.What is your ultimate breakfast? Cold Pizza or Chinese Food.

16.If you could recomend any website, due to its high humor content, what would you recomend? Go to YouTube and watch any of the Stuart clips from Mad TV and also Barats and Bereta. Their Mother's Day Video and some others are really funny. I haven't found anything new lately, besides my friends' blogs.

17.You are walking down the street and the zombies attack. What is your plan of action now? I'll pretend they are a tornado and hide in a ditch or go to the newarest tornado shelter.

18.What was your favorite TV show as a kid? The Cosby Show

19. Please elaborate on your theory as to why the TV remote control has to many unused buttons? I love counting things. I don't really know what all the buttons do, or why we have so many, but I'm glad mine are equally divisable by 3!

20.What was the longest you have ever stayed awake? Why? I've stayed awake for 24 hours a few times. the first time was when I was in 3rd grade, I stayed the night at my friends house, Katie Peters. We stayed up all night and watched MTV. yikes!

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