Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oklahoma City...Day 3

When Ken and I were living in Utah, I took the kids and visited my Mom and Dad in WA for about a month. I drove the car there with my brother, Adam. When it was time for me to go home, Ken flew to WA, then we drove back. We typically took 2 days to get home. On this trip, we slept in Boise. When we got up that morning, while I was taking a shower and Ken was brushing his teeth, shaving etc, our kids got a hold of our keys. Their favorite button was the bright red one...panic. We aren't sure how long they had the keys, but after both Ken and I were out of the bathroom, we heard the honking and immediately found our keys to make sure it wasn't our car. Sadly...IT WAS OUR CAR. When we went to check out of the hotel, we apoligized to the front desk, and we really did feel bad. As we were walking to our car, a man who was staying in the hotel came up to us and proceeded to tell us how rude and stupid we were for allowing our kids to interupt the sleep of all those people staying in the hotel. I responded by telling him we didn't know they kids had the keys, we took them as soon as we noticed, and although we feel really bad, there is nothing we can do now to fix the problem. It was over. The man didn't stop verbally abusing and I actually had to stand between him and Ken because Ken was going to punch him. My purpose for telling this story on Day 3 of Oklahoma City? Watch the following video please...

This is what we woke up to. It only lasted 30-45 seconds...EACH TIME. I think the horn went off 3 or 4 times. Each time it went off, I laughed. I can't imagine how the owners felt, if they found out what was going on. I also hope that the guests at the Sleep Comfort Inn in OK City are kinder than the man we met in Boise.

We were checked out of the hotel by around 10:15, then off to the Oklahoma City Temple. Although Ken was with us, he didn't want to take picture before the session and then our plans changed, so once again, I'm a single mother in the photos. BUT we did get some!

We had youth baptisms going at the same time our session was scheduled. Ken and Ben were needed for baptisms, so Angie and I watched the kids while they did baptisms, then we took a later session while they guys took the kids to lunch. Below are some pics of the kids waiting at the temple.

This is Luke. He is 5. I LOVE HIM. While other kids were throwing a bottle of water back and forth because they couldn't find a football, this is what he was doing.

We arrived home last night at 9pm. It was an awesome trip!

PS, this is my 200th post. Thanks for reading!!

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