Sunday, March 15, 2009

a little change of plans...actually a big change of plans.

It is Spring Break. Since October, maybe even before that, the kids and I have been planning our trip that starts in the morning. First stop, St. Louis. We will be there for 2 days. Next stop, Chicago. I scheduled 1 day there, just to show the kids the Sears Tower, the ball park, and the temple. Last stop, Nauvoo. We'll be there 2 days. then back home, right in time to go to Oklahoma City for our ward temple trip.

Today as I was getting our things packed, I started feeling nervous about the trip. I've gone on roadtrips before with out Ken, so I knew that wasn't the problem. In fact, Ken has NEVER gone with us on a Spring Break. I'd probably be nervous if he decided to come with us.

Anyway, after a few prayers, and a blessing, I couldn't shake my bad feeling that kept getting stronger. We will not be going on our road trip this week. I'm really dissapointed and the kids are sad about it too.

As a side note, this is not the same nervous or other feeling I have when I just decide last minute that I don't want to go somewhere or do something...I have been known to do that also. I tend to over plan, and then when it's time to go, I feel like I've already gone. NOT the case this time.

We've decided that we will take that trip this summer. I've been online looking for things to do closer to home, and when I googled tourist attractions in Kansas, only 14 came up. FOURTEEN...for the whole state. LOL. I've made a short list (a really short list) of things that we could do this week. Since our plans changed, here is our new schedule...tentative.

Each day we will go on a daycation. (word stolen from my Sister's Sister's in Law Blog...did you understand that?) We are going to the Wizard of Oz Museum and we will see Dorothy's House. We will go to Wichita to the zoo. (I said no way to the zoo, but got vetoed.) One day Nicole will go with Ken to work and Matthew and I will go on a daycation together. The next day, he'll go to work with Ken and Nicole and I will go together. At the end of the week, I may drive the kids down to OK City a day early to show them some sites there, before the temple trip, but it's not all written in stone yet.

I'm still disspointed about our awesome trip we've had planned for so long, but I will never regret following the feelings that I've been having all day. As each day progresses, hopefully I'll have some good pics to show you that evening.

Until tomorrow night! CIAO!

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