Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Sweet Suite

Tonight I'm in Wichita. My friend, Ashley, had to work here for the day and didn't want to come by herself, so I came down with her. When we checked in, we got a nice little room and we were happy with it. However, upon further investigation, the internet was not working. I called the front desk to get instruction on how to connect, and the lady came right down to the room to show me. When she got here, she said that we didn't have a connection in here, and the wireless was not working either. She returned back to the room less than 10 minutes later, and moved us to a suite! 2 internet hook ups, 2 bathroom, 2 tvs, and a suite deal. (That pun was for my friend Trishelle)

Here are some pics of our room, including one of the toilet paper and the tissues. Kind of gross that someone washandling those 2 items, but funny that they take the time to fold them fancy.

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