Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Day 2 of Spring Break was a million times better than day 1. I’m not really feeling much better; I just decided to make it a fun day for the kids anyway. It seemed to work for them and me too.

Today the guys went golfing. Sorry—no pics of that. They can’t seem to remember that I’m doing a documentary of our LIVES. Nicole and I stayed home. We decorated envelopes that we will mail to my brother Kyle in Pennsylvania. We also planned and made a St. Patrick’s Day dinner (all GrEeN).

When the guys came home, we folded laundry then Ken played with the kids until dinner was ready. One time when I looked in on them they were wrestling. Another they were dog piling. At one moment, Ken called for me to come take a picture of them. They were doing a dog pile…on the DOG. Poor puppy, he’s only 18 pounds. LOL

Here is a picture of our traditional St. Patrick’s Day Dinner. We don’t the exact same food every year, but it is all green. Tonight we had a Chicken and Spinach Curry with Red Peppers and Mushrooms on Jasmine Rice (colored green), jello with pineapple and a green salad. It was delish.

As little side story about our dinner…I had Matthew cut the fat off the chicken for the first time tonight. He couldn’t do it. I actually thought he was going to throw up, so I relieved him of his duty. Preparing Chicken or any other raw food has never bugged me (minus onions) so I thought it was funny how he reacted. I hope the kid doesn’t go foreign on his mission!

Tonight we also had FHE. Yesterday Ken took the kids to the movies and we completely spaced it. I felt bad this morning about it because we don’t skip FHE. I guess everything about yesterday was off. ANYWAY, I changed from the lesson that I had planned to one that my Cousin's Wife put on her blog. She is really clever.

Their FHE yesterday and ours today was about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. We talked about how they 3 separate beings, but 1 in purpose. I explained what that meant and then asked for examples of other things that were one in purpose. Ken said Spaghetti. (Ken will talk about spaghetti anytime he can. He will also eat it anytime he can) He said it you just have noodles or meatballs or sauce, it’s not that great. But if you put it all together, you have the most glorious meal ever. I let it slide this time. Talk about spaghetti made Matthew talk about Nachos. I had to bring us back on track. Finally I showed them our treat. We made shamrock cookies. I took 3 rolled pieces of cookie dough and put them together and we flattened them with the bottom of a glass. They were 3 separate items and then became 1 one purpose. While the cookies were baking I started FHE over and asked the kids the same questions that I started with. I was happy that they were able to answer and they even used different explanations that I did. All in all it was a great lesson.

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  1. That was such a clever idea!!!! I will have to adapt that for my primary class. (all of one girl) She showed up for real this time last sunday. We talked about this exact thing, and she didn't understand how that all worked. I guess having a non-member child in your primary class has it's advantages... I get a really good review on the basics.

    Thanks again for the great object lesson that I am going to steal from you. Have a great rest of spring break!