Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey Ryan, Feliz Cumpleanos!

Hey Ryan, The zoo just called. The Monkey wants his brain back.

Today is my brother's birthday. Ryan is 37 years old. (I think) He's my only older brother.

I'm going to be following my typical birthday format and share a few stories and maybe a few incrimiating photos of my hermano, Ryan.
Here we go...
When I was 17 and Ryan was back from his mission we worked together at the Silverdale on the Bay Hotel. He was the night auditor and I was on bell staff. I HATED that job pretty much every minute I was there. The highlight of my shifts there were the 10 minutes before I got off work on the nights that Ryan was working because we would work together. Everyone there loved him and I loved that I was his sister. He's actually the reason I ever got hired there in the first place.
Sometime before I was hired on there he would let me come in late at night with my friends and we'd go swimming after the pool closed to the guests. We were especially privlidged when we'd get dessert from the restaraunt before we went home around 1 in the morning.
There were some nights that he'd be working and I'd get the weirdest phone calls. One of them came from his coworker who also worked the graveyard shift. It went something like this...
Me: Hello?
Don: Hello, is this Dedra?
Me: Uh, yes.
Don: Dedra, this is Don from the Sandiego Zoo.
Me: Who is this for real? IS RYAN THERE?
Don: Dedra, this is serious. The monkey NEEDS his brain back.
Me: ha ha ha. Tell Ryan to shut up.
click Those were the good times.
A little while after Ryan got home from his mission his mission president came home too. His President's Homecoming was to be a reunion for the missionaries from his mission. It was held in Rexburg Idaho...or maybe Idaho Falls. (We went to both places on that trip) On the ride home I was sleeping in the back seat and sometime after dark I woke up to 'What the CRAP!!' Leaving from Idaho Falls and heading towards Boise, Ryan missed his turn and we made a pitstop in Utah. Later on in the trip, when we were just passed Mountain Home, we ran out of gas. Ryan parked at a rest area, got the gun out from under his seat, loaded it, cocked it, put it in the front seat and told Katrina & I, if anyone comes to the window, shoot them. We were a little scared. While he was gone we just talked and visited and the time flew. He was back before we knew it. We got back to Bremerton just in time for Ryan to drop me off at school on our way through town. This trip was the first road trip I'd ever been on without my Mom and Dad. It was awesome.
From the time I was born Ryan has adored's the picture to prove it.
A well known fact that nobody knew and turned out to not be true...When we lived in Meridian Idaho Ryan told me that if I put a piece of scotch tape on my arm and left it there for 4 days, it would turn to skin. IT DIDN'T. I in turn told my brother Garen the same thing. He got the same results as I did. Garen then informed Gina of a new and improved skin grafting technique. The results were disasterous...the cut she was trying to heel, got infected. Thanks Ryan! Good thing you're in finances.
The first time I ever shot a gun was with Ryan. We went to Green Mountain (I think) and I shot a 30 ot 6, got knocked on my rear, and then we took a hatchet to the log I shot to get my bullet out. I showed that bullet off for about 3 years. I was very pleased with myself.
Now for the incriminating pictures. MUHAHAHA

Ryan, on your birthday, I want you to know how much I love you! I'm so glad that you are my big brother. Thank you for all the good memories and the ones where you were torturing me. Thanks for hand cuffing to the railing in Meridian until Mom and Dad drove into the driveway. Way to keep to track of us. I hope your day is amazing and that you get everything you want. I love you. Scrub


  1. My knee was really gross!!! I was oh so sad that Garen was wrong... I loved this!

  2. hahahahaha, I will have to try that skin grafting technique at work. Maybe it works on animals???