Friday, March 20, 2009

Oklahoma City...Day 2

Today we went to a couple of parks, we toured the State Capital, and we also went to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. Angie's kids were sick all night and all of them, including her, were throwing up. We were able to get all the kids out for a little while. Most had fun, but it was a rough day. Here are some highlights.
This park is right off of Route 66. It was really fun, and VERY windy. I actually love the wind though.
I got a picture with my mom and my sister and I going down a super slide this summer when I was visitng WA. It was the first pic in my life I have with my mom at a park or fair. I think she was always having a baby and didn't participate. We took this pic to start a tradition so that my kids will have pics of us as they grow older.
Me with the kids
At the park there was a xylaphone/piano toy. I am a sucker for these types of toys. I played you a song...kind of. Try to get past the wrong notes and name my tune.
The Bates'
A vacation isn't a vacation without either a slurpee or a starbucks steamer. They probably wouldn't be as cherished if we could buy either where we live. We opted for the slurpees this time.
Next stop was the capital. I brought Cameryn with me and my kids because the 3 younger ones were still sick. Here they are on the correct side of the rope.
Here they are making a memory!!

Have you ever wanted to run down ALL the stairs at the capital? 2 of the 3 kids I took today did too! Watch this video and try to guess which one wasn't into it. LOL
Our last stop was the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. Words can not tell you how touching this memorial was. All I can is show you a few pictures and tell you that you need to make a trip here to see it for yourself. It was beautiful.Nicole, Matthew and Cameryn

When we were walking on the sidwalk outside of the memorial, there was a short roof. The kids climbed it.

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  1. 'count your blessings', your kids are lucky to have an awesome mom who takes them to cool places on spring break!