Thursday, October 21, 2010

Early Birthday Present

Once upon a time I was a little girl who lived far away from my grandparents and all my cousins. A couple of times a year we would go visit them and the highlights of my visits were:

*Spending the night in my Uncle Steve and Aunt Marla's home

*Playing "Mother May I" in the playroom

*Riding in the mini car

*Sneaking into the 'orange room' when Mom and Grandma went to town so I could play the piano and the organ

*Eating honeycomb cereal for breakfast

*Seeing my aunts and uncles that came to visit at grandma's while we were there visiting.

Grandma died when I was 11 years old. Although there was a huge void in her home when we would visit, many things remained the same. Eventually the mini car died and we got too old to play 'Mother May I' but other than that, it was a lot the same. Grandpa would let us play the piano but we still had to wait for the grown-ups to leave so we could play the organ.

My senior year of high school grandpa gave the organ to my mom. I remember watching them bring it into the house. It was a novelty for a while so we got to play on it a little bit but as time went on and grandbabies started coming over, Mom eventually covered the keys with towels and no one was allowed to use it. (Play on it)

Mom died when my daughter, Nicole, was 11. (It's strange how much Nicole and I have in common...)many things are the same when we go visit mom and dad's house but there are some voids. The organ is still there and no one is allowed to touch it, without permission. I have practiced it a few times when I've gone over to visit.

Last night my dad gave me the organ. Ken and Dad worked together to surprise me as close to my birthday as possible. Last night as it was being unloaded I had many memories rush through my head. Playing it at grandma's, learning how to play 'Jesus Once Was a Little Child' for a video we sent to Ryan on his mission, and practicing it after mom has died. I thought about watching it being brought into the house and I spotted Nicole watching the same thing. More memories were born last night.

I'm excited to have an organ in my home. Two nights a week at the church practicing isn't enough to make me feel calm on many Sunday mornings, so now I get to practice everyday. I'm also sad to have this specific organ in my home. It truly means my mom had passed away. I have tangible proof in my home. I'm more grateful than sad that it's here. Thank you Ken and Dad for a wonderful birthday surprise!

The orange room. Looking at this picture makes me miss grandama right now. The only thing you can't see if the organ. On the right hand side you can see a small corner of the couch and the organ was right next to it. As a side note, the person who took this picture was standing in the entry way. It was a tile entry way and we used to put on our church shoes and 'tap' for grandma. I have cousins and an aunt who really can tap so she probably thought we were silly, but it was fun.

The organ at Mom and Dad's home. (Dad and I were working on funeral arrangements.) If you click on this picture, you will notice right behind my head the willow tree statue is standing there with her back to us. hahaha
The corner where the organ will go in my home.
The organ in the back of the van.

The bench and the stops in my front room

Ken and our friend James getting it out of the van.

It's in the doorway.

James, Yoshki and Ken got it down 'the stair' and into the front room.

Almost done

Ahhh, all done.

Here it my front room. Ironically an orange (ish) one.

The view from the front window.


  1. Dedra, Honeycomb cereal was one of my faves!

    Congratulations on the organ! It looks beautiful in your home and matches just right! I love it's truly an heirloom that has begun to be passed down from generation to generation. :)

  2. I loved this post... I love my family and memories about certain things. This was really special, thanks for sharing.

    Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry about your Mommy.

    What a wonderful heirloom to have in your home :)