Monday, October 25, 2010

Falling Leaves--this post may or may no be a waste of your time.

Saturday Nicole pointed out to me that the tree across the cul de sac from us was rapidly losing leaves again.  We watched it a few weeks ago before Matthew's bee sting (which prompted me to purchase batteries) but alas, had no batteries to take fantastic or mediocre photos. I tried to capture it on Saturday but it seemed that each time I had my camera ready to shoot, the leaves took a break from falling. So here is what I did.

This is the tree that we have been watching for a while. There are a couple leaves falling, but nothing spectacular.

Then I decided that since you couldn't have the pleasure of seeing the leaves fall (which also brings in the assumption that you've never seen leaves fall) I could at least take a picture of the beautiful puddle that was getting larger by the second. I love watching water getting rained on. As you can see below, that photo didn't work out very well either. The detail I want didn't show up. (Is it the camera or the photographer?)

Lastly, I decided to try video. If you see a leaf fall it means you have good eyes and if you don't, then we are in the same club. At least you can enjoy hearing the rain fall. I always enjoy hearing the rain fall.

math summary:
mediocre photos + mediocre video =mediocre/lame post. You can't win them all.
Did you really care this much about the leaves falling off a tree in our cul de sac? I didn't think so, but at the time, I thought it would make for an interesting blog post. Oy.

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