Monday, October 11, 2010

Seattle Temple Trip

Nicole went to the temple for the first time on Saturday with the youth from the Pt. Townsend Ward with her cousin Regann. My Dad, Gina, Spencer and I were able to attend as well, along with Ryan and Rhonda. (Regann's parents, my brother and s-i-l) While we were in the temple, Matthew waited in the lobby with Mayson, Harmon, Nolahn and Payton. Here are some pictures from the trip and the lunch afterwards.

 Rhonda in the waiting room of the temple.
 This is what happens when you leave your camera with 3 boys who lose their brains when they are together unsupervised.
 from left to right:
Mayson, Matthew, Nolahn, Payton, Regann, Nicole and Harmon

Ryan's kids 
 The girls
 the boys
 Me with my kiddos

 Me with Nicole on her first day at the temple

 Spencer in front of the temple
 Ryan in front of Spencer in front of the temple. He wouldn't move! He thought it was funny. I thought it was funny after he moved, I had a photo and then we were at the restaurant.

A reflection of the temple in the driveway. This photo was an accident but it's AWESOME! 
 Me and Gina
Ryan, Rhonda and Matthew at the restaurant after the temple 
 Dad and Nolahn

Matthew's awesome 'tuck in' job 
bff Matthew and Mayson 
It was a wonderful day!

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