Thursday, October 28, 2010

You get what you pay for.

A few weeks ago, I believe in the middle of September, Ken and I were on a date at Walmart (like you've never been on a date to Walmart!) and we ended up in the kitchen section. Ken swore up and down that we needed a new can opener. Ours doesn't work he said. I told him I thought it was fine but he persisted. Finally he found a can opener that he thought would be better and it was only ONE DOLLAR. I tried to talk him out of it, my argument being you get what you pay for and in the end I believed we would be out that dollar. Alas, we bought the can opener for $1.08.

Fast forward 5 weeks. I have probably opened 3 cans with the thing. It's garbage. But when my 'good' one was in the dishwasher, it would work fine...until last night. I started to open a can of green beans and it got stuck almost immediately. I had the thought I should video the awesomeness known as the 'crappy can opener' but much to my chagrin, I quickly dismissed that thought.  Instead I moved the opener over a little, pressed the handle together to open a new part and just as I started to turn the handle, this happened.
 Yep, it broke. (And I could have gotten it on camera! boo) We are out $1.08. Here is the top of the can, you can see how far it went before I had to try again.
 A little ad for Del Monte Beans. :) I can't really taste a difference in any kind of canned vegi. These were just on sale. I guess this should be an ad for Albertson's.
Our rusty old can opener that works when it wants to, if you speak kindly and apply the correct amount of pressure which is never the correct amount of pressure twice.  It likes to be mysterious. The poor thing is 13 years old. It's tired!
Any recommendations on a good can opener? We really do need one.


  1. There are the new ones which are supposed to be safer, because they cut from the top. My mom loves hers, I hate it. I don't like it because I can't use the lid to drain things like tuna or green beans.

  2. ha ha ha... I just broke a cheap can opener the other day.... I have one that cuts from the top too.... but I don't like it that much either...

    I'm not much help, but I enjoyed your post...

    and we totally go on dates to Wal-Mart:)

  3. I thought only Southerners went on dates to Wal-Mart. We also do dates to church. Or did in college. Now we have kids = NOT A DATE.

  4. I got my mom a red kitchen aid manual can opener a few years ago, and she loves it.

    and it was red, so you should just buy it on principle. :)

  5. I can prove your "you get what you pay for" theory is incorrect. ;o) I have always said swimsuits are ridiculously priced. And they REALLY are. Most people even hate wearing them. I know I do. Anyway, you are charged for material THAT ISN'T EVEN THERE!!!!!


  6. I have a "Good Cook" brand can opener that I'm pretty sure came from Walmart (several years ago). It opens from the top and I prefer that. I still use it to drain stuff, it's just not as easy. It's been working like a champ forever!

  7. P.S. if my can opener breaks today or tomorrow, I'm blaming you. . . just sayin.

  8. I have a pampered chef one that I love. It works great. It turns the sharp edge of the lid under so you don't get cut.