Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Violin

Matthew started playing the violin last month. In Kansas the children don't start playing in a band or orchestra until 6th grade. Here they start in 5th grade.  During his first week of orchestra he came home frustrated everyday because he didn't know how to play and the teacher didn't want to spend time helping him because there was a whole class of kids working on their second book. I spoke with the teacher and asked if he could be moved to the 5th grade orchestra so he could get some instruction and then I told Matthew that he's going to have to practice twice as hard so that he can get caught up, because in 7th grade he has to be at level. The teacher agreed to move him down and Matthew has practiced like crazy. Today his teacher told him he's doing well enough that he can start back with the 6th grade orchestra class on Thursday. He's pretty pleased. Here is a video of him playing Jingle Bells. The end is a little iffy, but he just learned it yesterday, so I'm sure we'll see more improvements as time goes by.

Since he started playing 7 weeks ago he can play:
Ode to Joy
Hot Cross Buns
Jingle Bells
and he's almost got Old McDonald down.


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