Thursday, October 7, 2010

That's right people, even the kitchen sink!

I'm all packed for another trip to my dad's for the weekend. I think I've packed more stuff for this weekend than I did the last time we drove halfway across the country to see my parents--three summers ago! In honor of my excessive packing for only two people, Nicole and me, I have taken a picture for your viewing pleasure.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, the monstrosity to the left of our loot is indeed...a kitchen sink.

While we aren't actually loading the kitchen sink into the car, how often do you even have a kitchen sink 'laying around' to add to the photo? My point exactly.

It is indeed a very nice sink and it will be installed into our actual kitchen in the near future.

Some of the items included in our luggaage
Kitchenaid mixer (RED!)
sewing maching
chicken, cream cheese and chocolate sauce
cookbooks (4)
a bolt of fabric. (Is there another spelling for bolt?)
batteries, camaras (2), jewelry and......
NICOLE'S TEMPLE RECOMMEND!! She's going to do baptisms for the dead for the first time on Saturday!  HOORAY! I'm so excited that I'm making her a new dress tomorrow.

You may be thinking...Dedra, there must be a good reason to be taking all this stuff to your dad's....I hope. You are CORRECT! There's an excellent reason. GINA IS IN TOWN!! HOORAY! I'm cutting all my hair off! So, stay tuned for MANY pictures, hopefully a couple of glorious videos and maybe a swim in the sound never can tell when Gina comes to town what we'll be doing...BUT I'M EXCITED!

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  1. Looks fun! I am so ready to go on trip somewhere :)