Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I didn't know until I was a mom.

"I can't find my clarinet!" *After looking all over, where was the last place a we looked? Mom's bathroom of course! If you can't find your clarinet, look in the bathroom.

"Can I use some scissors?" *Twenty minutes after this questions was asked, one of my children (guess who) walked out of their room wearing socks that only had the ankle parts left. If your feet are hot and your ankles are cold, you can remodel a pair of socks.

Apparantly 3 days notice is NOT enough time to prepare for a test in school.

Homework is actually just a suggestion, or an idea. Maybe not a good one though.

Hold your breath during the teacher's instructions and when you start to turn red you get to take a break in the hall (or outside of the portable in this instance.)


2 things I never thought I'd ever have to say...
  • Don't lick the statue!
  • SERIOUSLY! Stop licking the statue.

Heaven help me get them on their missions! I'd like to think my capacity was for more than 2 children. Especially 2 children that are pretty self sufficient at this time. This is just one more instance where Heavenly Father really does know what's best!


  1. LOL... it's so true... that's just too funny :)

  2. I love it! Thanks for the great laugh :) sounds very similar to our house...
    Heavenly Father does know best and I'm still trying to accept that... we thought we were done with two children and had two surprises. I hope I can handle 4... somedays.... it just doesn't seem like it.

    DON'T LICK THE STATUE! ha ha ha ha