Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Weekend

Here is a picture of the Seattle Temple I took on Friday night. I like it. When Ken and I go to the temple we bring Nicole and Matthew with us to wait in the waiting room. They get about 2 hours to feel a special spirit you can only feel from the temple. While Ken and I were there on Friday, they took my camara and went outside for a photo shoot. Among the blury sideways pictures and the ones taken of the inside of one of my child's mouth (who shall remain nameless) this picture was present. One of the kids put their scriptures in her lap and took the photo. I LOVE IT.

I put this puzzle together last night while the guys were at the priesthood session of conference. They decided to drive up to my brother's ward in Chinook. So I had an extra hour to work on it, after I took my nap. I really LOVE this guy.
I also love this guy. He said he didn't mind if I posted this picture, but he was concerned about the caption I might tag to it. Taking the whole photo into dad acting--'special' and my brother behind him not really knowing what's going on, I'm taking suggestions for possible captions to add to this picture. I'll start with a comment that he would say to us often, maybe not with this expression, but according to my teenage mind fits the question...
Brains!!! Need more brains!!!--Kate

Did anyone else go to the store yesterday between sessions or after 2nd session and feel like they were breaking the sabbath?


  1. here's one -

    "Brains!!! Need more brains!!!"

    Said in a freaky zombie voice (after finding insufficient brain activity from your brother in the background.)

    love your pictures!

  2. You guys are soooooo dang cute!!! I love your dad! He's a funny, funny man!

  3. I believe I saw this picture in the last General Conference issue of the Ensign!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!!! Lovely photo of the temple. My husband and I were married there. I grew up in Victoria, BC and Seattle was our temple. Now that we live elsewhere we certainly miss it but we live only 45 minutes away from a temple now. They are all beautiful!!