Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my 33rd birthday. It's not really a big deal, birthdays never really were in my family. Growing up we got a cake and an honorable mention and that is okay. As a gift I rewarded myself with a new package of vacuum bags...we've needed them for a while. Instead of gifts, I've found 33 things that I love and am grateful no specific order. I tried to order them but that venture was unsuccessful.  So, here goes!

Nicole Roylance Cheney. I love this girl! When I was pregnant with her we were told she was a boy. We didn't find out until she was born that the Dr. was wrong. (Huang, haha) What a great surprise!
 Matthew Kent Cheney. I love this boy. I call him my best boy. He told me the other day he hopes we never have any more boys in our home because he needs to be the best boy.
 I LOVE this book! I've read it twice this year. You should least one time.
BEST MOVIE EVER! This is the first movie I saw in the theater 2 times. I still watch it a few times a year and we quote it All. The. Time.
Duck. Tape. I had checks with this immage on them. It makes me happy. AFLAC!
I Love to sew. I love this sewing machine. It's not fancy but it does everything I need it to do plus it has a needle threader. I can't really ask for more than that!

My beloved cellphone.
Snow days! They're the best.
Willow Tree Statues...I love them all. I have this Nativity Scene. It's my favorite Christmas Decoration and I'm going to put it on my Mom's organ this year. A little rebellious way to honor
her. Maybe it should face the wall.
Whirlpool Cabrio washer and drier. Who knew laundry to could be tolerable?!
I'm glad we have a car that works. Before we got this car we were driving an OLD VW Jetta. It was a replacement car after Ken totaled ours. The Jetta was a money pit. The muffler was non existent. We lost the exhaust pipe driving down I 84. If we had too many people in it, the wheel well would rub on the tire. Any of our friends in the Columbia Ward in Troutdale can attest to this. They knew we were coming a couple miles away. They were all happy for us when we finally replaced it 4 years ago.
This is proof of the 1 and only time ever, that my mom went down a slide with me. Gina says the same thing. Mom freaked out going up the stairs and tried to turn around and go back down, but we wouldn't get out of her way. She had to go to the top them we reminded her she'd get down faster if she just rode the slide.
These are delicious.
Love this camera.
The Seattle Temple. I did most of my youth temple trips to this temple. All my brothers and sisters went through for the first time here and were married/sealed here, that are of age. Ken and I were married here. It's BEAUTIFUL and my favorite.
Best hair gunk ever. LOVE IT!
Celtic Thunder. Guys in kilts. I like both.
The glorious Kitchenaid. Red just makes it better.

My Mom and Dad. I love them.
I LOVE KANSAS! I really miss my friends there and the awesome weather...minus tornado warnings.
Grandpa Price. Best. Grandpa. Ever.
I like google. This was their logo on an April Fools Day a few years ago. I also enjoy Topeka.

Do these next two pictures look similar to you? I love to blog. That's the one on the bottom. The picture on the top I took while driving home from the Wichita Airport in Kansas. It's somewhere between Sterling and Chase on a back road. Beautiful.

My piano. I enjoy the piano in general but this one makes me especially happy. I got an awesome deal on this almost new beauty and I paid for it myself.
I love him. (I tried putting him at the top and as you can see that didn't work well at all!)

28. I'm thankful for the opportunity I had to hold my 3rd baby, Robert, and for the knowledge I have that I am sealed to him forever.

29. I love the smell of Fall on the first day of school and the magic of Christmas morning.

30. I love living in the Pacific Northwest. It rains a lot. The tall trees bring me comfort. Knowing I'm so close to 6/7 of my siblings and my Dad also brings me comfort. I breathe much easier here.

31. I hate snakes and zoos scare me.

32. I am inept at the remote control and the microwave. I burn food and can't find my show even when I'm just trying to turn the volume up.

33. White Musk perfume is my favorite because #1 it is cheap and #2 it smells nice.


  1. Happy birthday! I love this idea of finding 33 things you're thankful for! Great list- (and I also find Groundhog Day hilarious, and I absolutely loved the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society!! )

  2. Happy Birthday Bug. The memories you listed brought tears to my eyes. I love you. DAD