Monday, October 11, 2010


Here is my 'haircut cycle'.
*Gina cuts my hair really short and it looks really cute.
*Gina goes back home and we are again 13 hour apart.
*My hair grows super fast and the cute part of the haircut goes away, leaving a mullet fetus.
*My hair grows and grows and then when see Gina again, I have the silly idea in my head that I am going to grow my hair out for Locks of Love or a similar organization, so she does a nice job as shaping my hair, but leaves it long-er.
*She leaves me again.
*My hair continues to grow longer and gets in my eyes so I resort to clipping it back in an unfashionable manor.
*Gina comes to visit again and I tell to heck with Locks of Love, cut it off!
*She does and it looks great again.

note to friends: TELL ME TO GET A HAIRCUT! Don't encourage foolishness! We are FRIENDS!

 Part of getting my hair cut by Gina is have my face squshed and be put in a headlock at some point. She's documented this even MANY MANY times. I'm going to karate chop her next time it occurs.

  Before she started my cut, she gave me a mullet.

 good haircut, bad style. It improved the next day.

Thanks Gina, for another FANTASTIC haircut!

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