Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Pictures in their entirety...

I'm pretty sure Santa broke my camera. Why you ask? Because I took pictures of my kids last night opening their obligatory Christmas Eve photo receiving new pajamas. Santa took pictures of the kids' things all laid out nicely and of the tree with their presents from Ken and me. Then this morning when I turned on my camera to take pictures of them opening their gifts, there was a lens error. After spending time researching the error on the internet and trying all their 'fixes' we have come to the conclusion, that the camera is indeed dead.  It is a sad day.

This year we did Christmas morning a little differently and I really liked it so we will continue it next year...I think. After Santa filled their stockings and set out his gift to the kids, he ate his treat and took off. Normally he sorts all the gifts from under the tree so the kids wake up to a big pile of loot. This morning, the look was under the tree.

Their 'piles'  were smaller and I thought they looked very nice. Then the kids sat by their things, went through their stockings, then we handed them one gift at a time, which they opened one at a time. We continued this until all was opened. Maybe your family has always done it this way. If so, you're a genius!

Below are the photos we were able to take before Santa broke the camera. :)

note to self; don't make pajama shirts for Nicole and Matthew anymore. Just buy a three dollar t-shirt.

R.I.P beautiful canon PC1309.


  1. sorry to hear about your camera - I took one picture of the initial WOW look, then the battery died. I love the christmas pj's. we do that too! (i dont make them though)

  2. YAY for Christmas jammies! sorry for your camera... I feel your pain... I lost two this year.

  3. My family has always done the one-at-a-time tradition... mostly because my mom is pretty anal retentive about recording who got what from whom each year. With our large family, it always made for a pretty epic event to go through each present one at a time, but I think I like it better than just everyone tearing into their gifts. Thus, though we are all adults now, we have still mutually agreed to continue the tradition.

    I'm sorry about your camera. Better luck with the next one.