Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stuff and Things

Post 501 is kind of like the day after Christmas. All the fun is over and it's just a something I do. Lame.

  • I have received a few emails from a friend of mine and the subject is often Stuff and Things. I love that title. Welcome to my first 'Stuff and Things' post. A tradition I am sure to maintain for sometime.
  • I have A LOT of sewing to do today...or tomorrow. Or Between the hours of 10pm and 3 am on Christmas Eve. I'll decide later.
  • My bedroom is an overwhelming mess to me. The whole rest of the house looks great. Even the kids' bedrooms are picked up. Mine?  sigh Today I will give it 15 minutes of my attention and see what comes of it. If I don't see improvements soon, I'm catching it on fire.
  • Do you remember all my OCDs about death? I remembered another one. As much as I don't care about celebrities, their lives, political views or the choices they make, I totally keep up on who dies. I love the tribute videos at the end of the year and whenever I hear about someone famous dying I go in and read everything I can about it. We don't have television in our home and I'm really bad about keeping up with the current events. I just read last night that Elizabeth Edwards passed away - about 2 weeks ago. I'm a little sad about that! She was a really great woman even if she was married to a dirt bag.
  • When I was in first grade I had a dentist appointment to get a cavity filled. After it was done my dentist wrote me a prescription. It was for a free milkshake from the ice cream factory. My dad took me there after we left the dentist. It was my first milkshake that didn't come from Ken's Burger Den.
  • I finally hung out family pictures on the walls. I actually did it on Friday. I'm thankful I didn't hang the pictures of Nicole and Matthew until after Anna got here and we had a picture of her. Three frames in a row look very nice. We don't have a family photo yet but I hung our current one and put a 4*6 of Anna with it. It will work until we get a new picture taken, hopefully soon.
  • We bought new couches in October. They are super cute and I love they fabric. They are also poorly made. We special ordered them from England Furniture, the same way we did 12 years ago when we bought our first set. Their quality has not been maintained. At 2 months old they look like we've had them for 2 years and we are not rough on our furniture. We are sending the couches back.
  • I have been informed that I am on the naughty list.
  • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is one of my favorite books. The first time I heard it I was in 3rd grade and my teacher read it to us. I think it was also read to my class in 5th grade. Since then I have read it a handful of times. I checked it out from the library last night and then read it after the kids were asleep. I love it even more now. I'm going to read it to my kids over the next couple of days and maybe make it a tradition. It is better than any of the Christmas movies I have watched this year.
  • Happy 4 more days until Christmas.

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  1. ps, congrats on the 500th post btw. Stuff and things is great. It applies to everything! also, love the prescription for milkshakes. I will have to remember that one for future use.