Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Tree then and now

by then, I mean at 6pm.
by now, I mean now.

Watch this video. It's of an ugly tree and a cute girl. gracias.

So I'm not going to say I love it now. It is definitely better. I can't actually believe we have a colored lights in our house. We haven't had any in over 10 years. Ken and I went on another date to walmart tonight and bought all the junk you are looking at now. good times. Also, take special note of our dinky little Christmas tree. I bought this tree when I was 17 to put in my room. We are too lame and cheap to replace it. We may have to soon though, because the kids are tall enough to know it's not big anymore. haha


  1. LOVE the video :) We have a little tree too and I don't care... it fits in our house. The kids don't care just as long as we have one. I love the Santa hat on top!

  2. Josie watched the video with me and says - "I like that girl's leggings!"

    cute :)