Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun things I may or may not have done today.

  • made 3 black apple dolls
  • researched amish balls and how to make them
  • cut out a secret project to be announced at a later date
  • received a brand new clarinet in the mail for Nicole
  • vacuumed the whole front room with the hose (on the vacuum) (the belt is broken)
  • ate nachos at the mexican restaurant with Matthew
  • did not rotate the laundry
  • did not take the trash out
  • served cereal to my children for dinner. KIX! The horror.
  • made a list of fun things I should blog about
  • mended suit pants and pajama pants
  • played playdoh
  • went on a church tour with the missionaries. (our church)
  • missed 4 phone calls
  • showered at 1 pm
  • researched new cameras on the internet
  • did not learn more about the adoption credit
  • looked up addresses of some of my friends and found them on google maps.
  • also looked up addresses of temples and found them on google maps.
  • researched a town I'd like to move to one day. If I go there I can learn how to make stuffed birds and my friend can learn how to sew dresses.
  • thought about other ways to stalk people
I think that's all.


  1. I actually did read through once about the adoption credit. INteresting. Lots of big words. I needed a dictionary. basically it says there are 2 ways to get a tax credit. one is big, one isnt and you may be able to get both. I think. Or maybe it said you have to trade one of your current children to get the credit. I don't know. (big help, eh?)

    the stalking comment is really reassuring.

  2. Find anything interesting about that town you were researching?I bet it would be a very wise idea. People die there just as often as they do in WA I would guess. So there would be work for your husband there too.