Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have been informed by Nicole and Matthew that I am not blogging correctly. Apparently I don't make enough lists and my posts are boring. (more by Matthew than Nicole)

I'd like to apologize to them! In honor of this recent chastisement I have scanned their blog and I'm going to make lists to copy theirs. I love making lists.

Here goes something amazing, I am sure.

(As titled by Matthew)

My top 10 favoret songs (I love many more than this, I think this is a good assortment.)
1. Sissy's Songs by Alan Jackson
2. I just haven't met you yet by Michael Buble
3. Beautiful Noise by Neil Diamond
4. Jingle Bells by Sandler and Young (LISTEN TO THIS ONE!)
5. Popular from the musical Wicked
6. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing performed by the MoTab
7. Row Row Row Your Boat performed by the Backyardigans (LISTEN TO THIS ONE TOO!)
8. Caledonia performed by Celtic Thunder
9. Till You Love Me by Reba McEntire
10. The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert

8 things why I love airplanes
1. I love that they can get us from one place to another much quicker than driving.
2. I love the interest Matthew has in them.
3. Some of the paint jobs are pretty cool.
4. I like that the windows can't pop out while at 15,000 feet, resulting in instant death.
5. I like the gps screens that show you where you are as you fly.
6. You get a free soda while you fly.
7. I love landing. Not the decent, but actually being on the ground again.
8. Fact: I don't love airplanes or flying. It scares me like crazy and I'm scared the whole time we are in the air.
The End.

Dear Matthew, you don't blog enough period! I love you.

(As titled by Nicole)

12 things I like about Anna

  • She is innocent.
  • She doesn't know I don't know everything...yet.
  • She has a great imagination.
  • Everything is her favorite.
  • Her laugh and smile are contagious
  • She loves to help
  • She loves 6:30.
  • She is strong. She has been through so much and seems to be adjusting better than one could ever be expected to.
  • She thinks ever letter in 'H' and ever number is '11'.
  • She says everything I make for her is 'nummy'. Her favorite is fish!
  • She has excellent manners and is very polite. I credit her adoptive parents for this.
  • She has filled a void in my heart that I didn't know could be filled.

(I've added these but I'm going to make my kids blog them too!

12 things I like about Nicole

  • She is a self starter.
  • She is honest and obedient
  • She is obsessed with the weather and natural disasters, addicted to the weather channel and (She keeps a running list of the 7 day forecast and gives us reports at dinner. Then she checks it everyday to see if they were correct in their predictions.)
  • She is selfless. I've seen her give up things she loves to make someone else happy.
  • She loves to practice the clarinet and the piano.
  • Her obsession with time keeps my schedule clear and precise.
  • Her testimony of the gospel is growing rapidly right now. She loves personal progress and it working on it constantly, without nudging!
  • She loves making lists and checking things off. 
  • Watching her change from a little girl to a young woman makes my heart swell with joy and a feel a little sad too. 
  • She has started singing in the choir and has a lovely soprano voice...not opera or screechy like when I was 12. She does a nice job.
  • She has be creating clothing for her Barbie lately.  She doesn't like Barbie or playing with Barbies, but she loves sewing for her!
  • She makes me so happy! I am thankful my first child was a girl. We didn't know she wasn't a boy until after she was born. It was the biggest surprise of my life.

12 things I like about Matthew

  • He LOVES all things gross and stinky.
  • He calls me mother when he's trying to get my attention.
  • He still snuggles and wants kisses - everyday.
  • He hates practicing the violin and piano but has quit complaining about it and just gets it done.
  • He loves to learn and every night when I tuck him in he tries to teach me something new.
  • He thinks Grandpa Anderson, my dad, is rich because he has a water jug fill of change.
  • He sings really loud and off key. He likes to turn beautiful songs into something horrible.
  • He can sew fairly well. He made Nicole a pair of pants this summer and she wears them all the time.
  • He doesn't care about what he wears but he combs his hair everyday.
  • His Christmas stocking is made from his baby blanket, named piggy. In 2006, when the threads were all going one way, I salvaged a small part of it to make that stocking. I found new 'piggy' fabric, made him a new blanket and told him it was piggy's cousin. He rejected it. In October 2007 he lost his original piggy on a trip to Utah. He now sleeps with and loves piggy's cousin just as much as he ever loved piggy. He'll be 12 in June.
  • He LOVES airplanes. A LOT!
  • Children are difficult to come by in our home. I never knew I wanted a boy and as soon as this little guy was born I knew I could never live without him. He truly is my BEST boy.

(Back to Nicole's lists)

8 things I love about Washington
1. Rain, Rain and more Rain!
2. I live less than 4 hours from all but 1 sibling, my Dad, many of my aunts, uncles, cousins and my Grandpa.
3. Tall evergreen trees are my favorite.
4. 8 lane freeways
5. I can breath better here...literally. I have a lot less allergies in the beautiful evergreen state.
6. From my house, there are 2 LDS temples withing 2 hours of driving. The Seattle temple is only an hour and 10 minutes in good traffic.
7. Good radio stations
8. This is my home. There's no place like home!

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  1. This is my kind of post. LISTS!!!! I love your kids' comments and humor. Here is a little known fact for you, (and please don't shun me or judge me)

    I have never read or seen or heard Wicked.


    This probably needs it's own post. It is a goal of mine to read it and see it, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

    again, don't shun me please. And I heart your children's lists. :)