Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Post Christmas Depression...
Here are the facts.

  • My face is cultivating a zit farm.
  • I feel the need to go shopping for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Ensign Ranch, (my side of the family celebrates Christmas in January) Easter and of course, Christmas.
  • I've taken the tree down and all the decorations, yet tinsel is showing up the laundry, the bathroom, tangled in the vacuum cleaner. It's sweet.
  • I have a lot of work to do and all I want to do is read my new books.
  • I have a top secret plan taking place at this very moment which is and will give me great joy for years to come.
  • I'm really thankful it didn't snow again. Not that it was in the forecast or anything, I just loathe driving in the snow. I love that its been pouring buckets of rain. A beautiful green Christmas was exactly what I've needed for a few years now.
  • My brother, Adam and his family are on their way to my house. They'll be here an hour or so. Cassie and I are going to JoAnn's to buy fabric and make dresses for her daughter, Kaylee. I love going to JoAnn's, making dresses and Kaylee!
  • I made four pounds of BBQ pork this week. Tonight we will feast on Pork Fried Rice and four pounds of BBQ pork with Chinese mustard of course.
I think that's about it. Happy week after Christmas!


  1. I love your blog... it's nice to get away for a minute and have a good laugh :) Hey, you should read your books!! you deserve it :) Books are awesome

  2. Ooooh! You've piqued my curiosity- what books did you get that you are so eager to read?! :)