Thursday, December 2, 2010

Walking on broken glass

Once upon a time, last Christmas, I didn't have any Christmas spirit. I was looking at the same ornaments on the same tree that I'd been looking at for MANY years. To some this is comforting. To me, for many years, it was comforting. Not last year. I hated my tree. I hated the decorations. I wasn't happy with the weather. I didn't know what we were going to give the kids as gifts. It just wasn't a great year. Christmas kept getting closer and closer, as it always does, and I was not getting excited. I was homesick and unhappy.

Christmas morning arrived with little fanfare. We were woken up early by children who were excited and for the first time that season I was excited and happy! Then it was over. I was even more sad. I left my tree up until New Years Eve. I NEVER do that. I like it cleaned up on 12.26 before lunch.

When I finally got around to packing everything up I decided I was done with all the non-homemade ornaments. I had looked at them enough years. It was time to move on.

Some people donate old stuff when they are done with. We donate a lot of stuff we don't want anymore. But not breakables. Some people don't like the sound of broken glass and actually cringe a little. I LOVE IT!

It started when I was a baby. glass bottles + split entry stairwell with a rod iron railing = happy baby...until all the bottles were gone and mom didn't buy more. boo.

When we get new dishes, we find an empty dumpster and throw the glasses in one at a time. It's music to my ears.

I've digressed...30+ years!

Matthew got a bb gun for Christmas and was shooting at anything he thought he could get away with. When I was done packing all the Christmas stuff up, I asked him if he wanted to shoot the glass bulbs. Of course he did! We took over 20 minutes of video and I made it into a montage of sorts. The only thing missing was it the song, walking on broken glass. I was going to post the video from you tube so you could hear it, but the video is weird!   Anyway, here's the montage.

Hind sight, being perfect, I am glad I got rid of those old ornaments and we started something new this year. This is the first year with out my mom. I haven't actually spent Christmas with my family in many years, but I no longer the option with mom. This new tree, or the decorations rather, is (in my mind) a new start on an season that may never be the same for me.

That being said,


  1. I feel the same way. This will me my first Christmas without my dad, and I know it will never be the same. I will love it for my husband and kids, but it will always be bittersweet. Good for you for starting over - at least with your tree!

  2. breaking the ornaments is AWESOME!! My kids will be jealous... we may have to try it :) You are such an awesome Mom... I think all of us Moms are too hard on ourselves... when we feel a certain way, we just need to go with it and find a new way. :)
    It feels good to start NEW. :)

    Happy Festivus, Seinfeld is THE best!!! :) Thanks for reminding me

  3. a Festivus for the rest of us... :)

    The plunger was a nice touch. Maybe he could use that in the 'feats of strength'.

    I try to add something new and purge the old every year. Not everything, just stuff I am tired of looking at.

  4. My Brother is funny because he shoots stuff with his gun but he took his gun apart and now he can not use it because it is broken.